It's all mental, as Roger and many other big leaders and champions use to say. Because mental power and mental abilities such as confidence,

focus and discipline make the difference. So the CAMPUS helps you to develop your personality, to come up to great mental strength,

to reach your full potential, to come to great achievement, to become the best you can be – to be a LEADER, a real WINNER.




Learn how to pay the price. Only when you

fully accept going through the zone

of sacrifice, pain, sweat and tears in short term

you will succeed and reach your goals in long term.




We help you to understand, that great discipline

in little things will lead you to great achievements.

How important it is, not only to know how things

should be done, but to make the right things

happen at the right time – constantly! 






Learn how great it is, to change your habits –

and not to do more of the same over and over again.

We help you to realize, that the most important source for a change is always yourself.


“I have to be the change, I want to see in this world!”






We will equip you with great empowering mental tools, systems and rituals.

We help you to lead yourself into your best positive ENERGY

to go beyond your limits and to defeat your anxieties and blockades.

So you will come up to great self- confidence and believe. 








To develop players and personalities is our great passion and mission. We love to tune you up to your full potential to become a real LEADER. The mental issue is just one more reason to join our CAMPUS-TENNIS- ACADEMY.

So – what are you waiting for?

Hope to see you soon at the CAMPUS. 



Campus Sports Academy

A-6850 Dornbirn / Vorarlberg

Untere Rossmähder Halle 7